Index of Lectures


Introductory Lecture: Basics of Sickle Cell

Lecture 1: Sickle Cell and the Simplifications of Science

Lecture 2: Why Genes are not “For” Sickle Cell

Lecture 3: A “Long” History of Sickle Cell: Sickle Cell and Malaria

Lecture 4: A “Short” History of Sickle Cell: Sickle Cell in 20th Century USA

Lecture 5: Sickle Cell Trait and Deaths in Athletics and the Military

Lecture 6:Sickle Cell and Deaths in Custody (State Contact)

Lecture 7: Ethnicity, Migration and Sickle Cell

Lecture 8: Genetic Carriers and Ante-Natal Screening

Lecture 9: Newborn Screening: Lessons from Ghana

Lecture 10: SCD and the Social Model of Disability: Lessons from Nigeria

Lecture 11: Sickle Cell in Schools

Lecture 12: Sickle Cell, Work and Employment