Workshop 5

In the book it is shown how sickle cell trait is misused as a cover for issues that are best explained by environmental factors, whether this is the misuse of sickle cell trait to explain away deaths in custody or deaths in military or sports training. More recently the UK Government has misused sickle cell trait to explain away an environmental disaster [Truth About Zane]. When climate warming produces Wet Bulb Globe Temperatures that kill yet more workers toiling in extreme heat, some workers who die may have sickle cell trait. But the issue is not sickle cell trait, it is global warming. The causes of global warming are best analyzed using not science but SOCIAL SCIENCE. For this workshop I have produced a summary, spread over two lectures, of the book Fossil Capital by Swedish sociologist Andreas Malm. The book is not about sickle cell, but it is possibly the most important book ever written.

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